Among many liberal reporters who are eager to paint an ugly picture of Trump on almost anything, there is one who stood out from the crowd. This reporter was particularly interested in what Trump had to say or have said about Muslims. The reporter took drastic measures just to prove Trump wrong and he faced serious repercussions as a result.

War reporter Tim Pool has been digging holes where there was no need for it, in in efforts to bring Trump down and prove that his comments about Sweden and their issues with Muslim immigrants are false.

As a result, he reached out to a migrant suburb in Stockholm and began asking around.

Suddenly, it all started to look like trouble. “We weren’t filming anyone, we were just talking to police,” Pool tweeted. Suddenly, he noticed a group of Muslims and began rolling the camera.

The men began putting masks on, which made Pool a little terrified and uncertain, but things got weirder. “The police started getting scared and very calmly and quietly said it would be smart if you were to leave right now. He told me to look around at what the people were doing,” Pool explained.

Then, the police showed up and urged Pool and his team out of the area. The police stated noted that if they “make an arrest right now there could be 50 people here in minutes with stones.”

Pool didn’t see a behavior of this sort coming, and released a statement shortly after the incident, “Honestly, I thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like, I really didn’t expect that to happen,” he sounded defeated.

Pool was deeply convinced Trump was wrong and was determined to bring the truth out, never once expecting things to escalate as they did. This only proves Trump was nothing but right when it comes to tensions in Sweden as a result of the Muslim presence.

The police’s behavior seems to have caught plenty of backlash, as people wondered why Pool’s safety came first, but the problem remained to exist. One social media user wrote, “I agree they should be dealt with, of course. But safety first, always. Why wait and find out if its threatening?”

It is obvious the Muslim immigration ‘project’ is taking a toll on not just America, but the world as well.


“I guess your little experiment to prove Trump wrong, that Muslim No-go zones don’t exist, was an epic fail, huh?” one user noted. Another one joined in, pointing out, “Used to be a garden spot. Now honest people fear for their lives to even be there. Another leftist/globalist disaster.”

The left will keep this information from you on any given day, so to have a person or two stepping out and truly discussing the problem, that raises plenty of questions. Has the left agenda grown and expanded so much, that it is almost impossible to defeat it? It is not about being right or wrong, it is about what’s true, and Trump was definitely right once again.
As much as Democrats like to pretend that Muslim immigrants come in peace, only nations who have been exposed to such influence can know what’s really happening.
It is sad that after all this time, we cannot seem to look the problem in the eyes and admit it needs to be handled as soon as possible.
America, Europe and the rest of the world have been suffering at the hands of Muslim immigrants, yet Democrats keep assuring us this is ‘normal.’
Hopefully, this story will shed some light on what’s actually going down across the globe as we speak.


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