Miley Cyrus Breaks Down In Tears While Reading A Letter To Hillary Clinton

Liberals are still raging on about the presidential election. For them, President Donald Trump is a shame and does not deserve to be president. They will never understand that he won fair and square. It is sad to see them treat him with such disrespect simply because they do not agree with what he is saying. And yet, they continue onward because they have nothing else to do. They will try to attack Trump until he leaves office, whenever that may be.

One liberal that has been especially hard on Trump is Miley Cyrus. She was a part of a special-edition Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon episode in which she and the female writers on the show wrote and read letters to Hillary Clinton herself. Clinton was also present at the show.

“You’ve been a role model and an inspiration, and a voice of reason in uncertain times,” Cyrus said. “I could go on and on, but I’d like to get right to the point. Can I give you a hug?”

These are the same people that attack Trump for being unqualified, it is important to note. It seems like they do not really know what direction they want to go and it shows.

“Thank you Hillary, for all the work you’ve done for public health care,” said Jo, who serves as one of Fallon’s writers. “Ever since the election, I’ve really depended on my government-subsidized anti-anxiety medication.”

Caroline thanked Clinton for proving to girls that “politics is not a popularity contest, because if it were, you would have won by about 3 million votes.”

Clinton then read a note of herself.

“Thank you Miley, ‘Tonight Show’ writers, and all the young girls out there,” Clinton began. “You are smart, strong, and deserving of every opportunity. Together, we’ve made our voices heard, we’ve done great things, and we’ve come a long way. But as Miley would say, we can’t stop, and we won’t stop.”

Cyrus has been a huge supporter of Clinton from the start. She was one of the many liberals to threaten to leave the country if Trump won the election. She is still here.

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