BREAKING : ‘It’s basic common sense!’ Judge slams immigrant who sped off after he ran over a man, 68, ‘because drivers don’t stop to check crash victims are OK in Indonesia’

An immigrant who sped off after almost killing a pedestrian with his car said he didn’t stop because it wasn’t the done thing in his home country of Indonesia.

A judge slammed Paulus Rozali for his argument when he appeared at the Downing Centre Court in Sydney on Tuesday.

Rozali ran down a 68-year-old man in Wiley Park, Sydney’s southwest, causing the man to suffer bleeding to the brain, a fractured skull and fractured femur.

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Rozali was disqualified from driving for three years and ordered to complete 125 hours community service when he was sentenced in May.
He appealed the sentence because he thought it was too severe, Seven News reported.

Rozali argued he didn’t stop because drivers in Indonesia would be attacked by witnesses if they ever stopped.

He also said he didn’t stop because it wasn’t stated in the NSW driver’s manual.

Judge Paul Conlon slammed Rozali for his argument, saying ‘it doesn’t have to be’.

‘It’s basic common sense. When you hit someone, you stop and render assistance,’ Judge Conlon said.

While Judge Conlon acknowledged Rozali was remorseful, he said failing to stop and help was a serious crime.

Judge Conlon said the original sentence handed down to Rozali in May was lenient, and dismissed his appeal.

Rozali will be disqualified from driving until 2020.

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