Some huge Mexican thug is seen talking with a 7-11 clerk in this video. Everything seems calm, but when the big guy pauses, you just know he’s going to sucker punch the guy. He telegraphed it and the clerk caught it. Not only did he not connect, the much smaller clerk punched his lights out and beat the holy crap out of him. Now, that’s what I call impressive.

That clerk must have been half the size of that gang banger and quick as hell. He’s also absolutely fearless. He didn’t even hesitate… he just went to town on the guy. There was another person there, but it looked like the clerk didn’t need any help there at all. I really wouldn’t want to piss that guy off.

The way the smaller clerk blocked that punch was epic. It looked like the big guy was talking smack to him and verbally egging a fight on. Well, he got his wish.

Some Latin homeboy argues with a 7 eleven clerk… but when homeboy tries a surprise sucker punch he gets his azz knocked out by tuff clerk.

The clerk caught the guy’s fist and threw it back twice as hard. I doubt that gang banger will confront him again, unless of course he comes back with his gun and some friends. That’s how these things usually play out.

After the knockout, it looks like the clerk simply went back to work. And by ‘knockout’ I mean that guy was gone… he went to sleep for a prolonged period and stayed right where he fell. And people just stepped around the guy. I don’t blame the clerk at all for what he did, but he should have told someone there was a cleanup on aisle four or something. That big guy was a mess.

I’m not sure whether the big guy was an angry customer or what, but he picked on the wrong guy big time. His glasses were sent flying just before he took a nap. And of course, this was in Los Angeles, where being white is to be a minority these days.

One commenter felt the big guy was way too confident: “The clerk had adrenaline he was reserved the thug was too cocky. Gotta worry about the quiet ones like him. A lot of macho guys are just a facade.” And so it goes… big Mexican thug, out cold… little scrappy clerk, wins the fight.
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