A New York State Trooper was attempting to pull a car over on Long Island on Wednesday when the situation went horribly awry.

The trooper made the stop because he saw the driver texting while driving. When the officer stopped the car, the driver, 29-year-old Kyheem Kelly became combative when he was told his vehicle would have to be towed because his insurance was suspended. Kelly then assaulted the officer, so the trooper attempted to arrest him. Kelly then sped off at high speed with the officer hanging out of the driver’s side window.

With the officer hanging on for dear life, thug-man Kelly crashed his car into the center median. Kelly then began beating the trooper in the face. A witness shot cell phone video of the entire ordeal. A woman who was in the car with Kelly was trying to escape as the video began.

The witness who was shooting the video can be heard saying, “He’s trying to get away! Oh sh*t, the cop is bleeding, bro!“, as the thug & the trooper emerge from the vehicle fully engaged.

The bloodied officer is then seen struggling to subdue the pos thug as he resists, trying to escape.

The trooper manages to get Kelly to the center barrier, but he is clearly stunned from the assault and crash. That’s when two hero cowboys run up to assist the officer. The injured trooper is then seen trying to catch his breath as the hero cowboys hold the scum thug down.

Watch the video obtained by ABC7 New York:

Here’s an edited video of the shocking crime.

The witness who shot the video told ABC7 that, “A couple Good Samaritans hopped out of their vehicles, when the officer got the guy, the suspect, out of the car, and as he tried to get him restrained, two Good Samaritans came out of their car and held the guy down.”

Long Island police told reporters that, “Kelly’s arrest was made only after his car crashed into the center median and two good Samaritans helped the trooper handcuff Kelly.”

The trooper was rushed to an area hospital as he suffered back & neck injuries in the crash, and required stiches to his face due to the assault by the pos thug.

The thug was charged with aggravated assault on an officer, second degree assault, reckless endangerment, and resisting arrest amongst other charges. His bail was set at $300,000.

We’re thankful that the officer will survive his injuries. The cowboys you see helping the trooper in the video? We can’t help but think that they’re Trump supporters. Liberals hate cops, as is witnessed by their allying with the cop-hating BLM terrorist organization. They would never lend a hand to help an officer out, even if their life was in danger. As you can see from the video, some stayed back, not coming to the officer’s aid, not even the person who shot the video. I would’ve been out of my car in a hot second, giving that thug pos a beating he’s never seen before to help the officer.

Thank God Trump is in office now and will support our men & women in blue & send thug scum like this scurrying to the dank pits of hell where they came from.

Share this if you want Trump to send thugs like this to the place they belong forever!

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