WАTCH – Boy Bulliеs Thе Wrong Girl, Finds Out Whаt’s Rеаlly Undеr Hеr Drеss

Video has gone mega-viral after boy decided to press his luck by bullying a girl online from a neighboring school. Unfortunately for him, it was only later that he realized his mistake when a girl in a dress tracked him down – and it’s awesome.

No one likes a bully – that’s an irrefutable fact. However, there’s nothing better than seeing a bully finally put into their place. Lucky for us, that’s exactly what took place at a high school in California’s Sonoma Valley after a boy decided to abuse a girl online.

Unwilling to put up with his crap, the girl – who attended a neighboring school – decided to track the keyboard warrior down and teach him some manners. Come to find out, she had a hidden talent that would be revealed while cameras were rolling.

As it turns out, the girl was actually training as a MMA fighter and was ready to stand up for herself in whatever way was necessary. Just as can be seen in the clip, things rose to a physical level, resulting in the girl both kneeing and body slamming her bully.

Making matters even better, he is reportedly sporting a black eye as a constant reminder of his poor decision until it heals. Although the video has gone viral online – with over 14 million views in just 4 days – the school is speaking out against the incident.

As explained in a statement, the district describes it as an “unacceptable” incident and states that they even tried to have Facebook remove the video on the grounds of “violent content and because minors are recognizable,” but they were unable to do so, since it doesn’t violate Facebook’s “community standards.”

 Schools do very little to stop bullies, so I can understand the school’s embarrassment when a girl shows them how it’s done. If I was them, I wouldn’t want that video on the Internet either, but it has nothing to do with protecting minors — they’re protecting themselves from embarrassment. If they were really protecting our kids from bullies, these kids wouldn’t have to take matters into their own hands — which is actually the best thing to do against a bully anyway.I do love a story with a happy ending. I’d say a keyboard warrior, who attacks girls online and gets his butt kicked by a girl, is a very happy ending.

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