TERRIFYING! This Is the Single Most HONEST Video You’ll See About the Refugee Crisis!

The biggest fear about the migrant crisis used to be the odds terrorists would merge into the crowd and make their way into new countries to inflict damage. But, that’s only one challenge the refugees present.

The major issue has become their refusal to assimilate to the culture they migrated to, and their criminal behavior. European countries are being destroyed by the violent and bigoted migrants who ignore their laws and customs, and abuse their people. (via Allen B. West)

Since the migrants have come into Europe, there have been increases in crime, assault, and rape. To Muslim refugees, that is daily life, it’s normal, and so they are inflicted that heinous violence upon the rest of the world.

And they see their culture as “superior?” It’s easy to see why the migrant’s countries are unlivable – they’re inflicting the same destruction and devastation as they have on their own countries! Not only that, but the cost of resettling and taking care of these refugees is breaking the bank.

This video shows the true circumstance of Europe, in particular one refugee camps in France which is called “The Jungle.” The sheer violence in this short video would discourage even the most hardened traveler from going to Europe right now.

Soon, Europeans are going to be migrating to America to get away from the violence that is ruining their countries. They may be criticizing the wall Trump wants to have built now, but once it’s built and our migration is under control, they’ll see how much safer our nation is.

Protecting your country from unlawful migration, and instilling a ban to stop the migrants coming from certain Middle Eastern countries, is not a bad thing. Some of the European countries should strongly consider it, to keep their people safe.

Call President Donald Trump what you want, but he is dedicated to protecting the American people from harmful and senseless violence. Instead of hating on our President, European leaders could learn a thing or two from him.

It’s not wrong that the American people don’t want our nation to end up like “The Jungle.” It’s not racist or “Islamophobic,” it’s common sense! Europe is in a crisis, and we don’t want our country to be in the same crisis.

Our country is in need of some serious change as it is because of the acts of former President Obama. Our nation is trillions of dollars in debt, we have abominable health care that pretends to be affordable, we have too few jobs, and too many homeless people. Our country is not as well off as the liberals think it is.

The last thing we need is more refugees in this country, not only because of the hidden terrorists coming in, but also because of the regular migrants who are not terrorists but are no less violent. This is ridiculous, and we do not want them here. It would be like inviting a murderer into your home, and then being surprised when he tries to kill you later on! Get some sense, people!

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