Kathy Griffin PANICKING After Damning Spanking Video Of Her Past Leaked – It’s Going Viral!

Loudmouth liberal comedian Kathy Griffin has been bashing Donald Trump nonstop for months now. She took things way too far this week, however, when she released a photo calling for Trump to be beheaded.

Breitbart reported that the grotesque image shows Griffin standing with Trump’s bloody severed head in a photo shoot for artist and photographer Tyler Shields. She is seen looking directly into the camera while hoisting up Trump’s severed head, which is covered in dark red blood.

Millions of Americans are shocked and now calling for her arrest. This is exactly what happens when you try to attack President Trump.

After Kathy sent a death threat to Trump, scandalous video of her past leaked that will end her career. In the video, Kathy asks Craig to spank her ass.

It didn’t take long during Kathy Griffin appearance on “The Late Late Show“ for the sexual shenanigans to begin. One of the first things she told Craig Ferguson was that he could rip her dress off if he wanted to.

While he didn’t take Griffin up on that particular offer, Ferguson did take her up on another. “Sometimes, I’ve actually made you spank me,” she said. “I know I’ve done that.”

Whether she had in the past or not quickly became irrelevant when Ferguson took the opportunity to spank her then and there. Once done, he could only exclaim, “That was awesome!”

Of course, she let him do it again, giving an even more emphatic response the next time.

Here’s is an another video of Kathy Griffin:

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