You’ve probably heard the saying “birds of a feather flock together” as an explanation to why people are hanging out together. This is true in many ways, completely normal even. You’ve probably never heard someone say “birds of a feather beat the crap out of birds that they don’t like.” That’s because this kind of activity is illegal in all of the civilized cultures that exist today. Many countries have the rights to demonstrate and to protest. In the United States especially we’ve got the right to wear purple polka-dots and stand on our heads if we wish to use our freedoms in that way.

Freedom is such a great thing, but there’s another saying that many immigrants who are leaving their uncivilized homelands forget. And it’s that “your right to swing your fist ends, where my nose begins.” Living in the civilized world means that (shocker) you’ve gotta act civilized. Otherwise, you might end up experiencing the long arm of the law delivered by a good-hearted citizen defending those that you’re terrorizing.

Some less than respectful Muslims in China found this out the hard way. I’d say that they’ll think twice before they pull a stunt like this again.

Via Mr. Conservative Blog:

“The mainstream media is constantly trying to make it look like Muslim refugees are peaceful people who pose no threat to women. That’s why outlets like CNN aren’t reporting on this video…

Mad World News reported that a disturbing new video has surfaced showing Muslim migrants screaming “f*ck you!” to passengers on a subway train before viciously assaulting a woman. However, the migrants quickly learn that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in their new adopted nation.

The footage opens wth the refugees screaming at passengers on a train in China. The migrants go too far when they physically assault a female passenger, at which point a group of Chinese men rush to teach the refugees a lesson. Watch as the Chinese men quickly take the migrants down and shove them off the train as soon as the doors open.”

What you see here are race wars. It’s the natural instinct of people to have something to resist and buck up against. It’s a normal part of the human experience, ever since the tower of babble when people were divided by language. Frustration over everything from property to ideology has abounded ever since, and we’ve felt the need to push our ideas on others, and they’ll inevitably feel the need to push back. Wanting to lash out against those who believe differently than you, or offend you in some way isn’t new. Thinking you can get away with beating the crap out of them for no reason at all isn’t new. Getting away with it because you’re a “refugee” from the land that you destroyed with your petty wars is.

Usually, when someone flees to another country because they need asylum, they’re grateful and do whatever they can to blend and build a new life. Sadly, the political correctness of many governments has allowed an influx of middle eastern immigrants that really just needed a new place to mess up, but they didn’t have the frame of mind that would lead to them being grateful for anything. On the contrary, they seem to think that they’re bringing the right way of life with them.

They’re under the false impression that they will be able to come to another country and bring them the “truth.” They’re empowered by the idea that “god” told them to do what they’re doing, and therefore they’ll be justified in the end. See, in their culture, assaulting women, throwing battery acid on them, raping them or pretty much anything that you want to do is ok because it’s somehow ok in Islam to punish the women that aren’t wearing enough cloth. You’re also allowed, nay, encouraged to take out as many non-Muslims as possible when you die, preferably with a big boom.

Using religion to justify whatever you want to do isn’t a new thing either. Red blooded westerners who’ve been given the precious gift of freedom throwing it away in favor of those who would do this is. Is being called a name like “intolerant” really worth losing your freedom or even your life over? Because that’s what you’re risking when you let these mongrels take over your culture.

These crazies obviously thought they had strength in numbers. Thankfully, they were wrong.

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