A Lady Used 18 inches Cassava as a S3x Toy to Pleasure herself and It Stuck Inside…..See What Happened Next!

A woman somewhere in Southeast Asia ( Jakarta ) pleasured herself with this piece of improvised dildo . Was hospitalised due to bleeding and stuck inside.

Doctors perform immediate operation to remove it from her genital.

She was interviewed after the operations and explained she done it because she has no boyfriend and can’t find one ☝️. One day she feels horney and decided to use the 18 inches Cassava root (a certain kind of potato crop that grows in Asia ) and use it as a dildo. She designed it with herself but accidentally stuck inside . It started to bleed , right away she call ambulance and went to hospital. Do you think is her fault?

Comments & share it as lessons for everyone ☝️☝️ …

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