Muslims do not want to assimilate… they want to take over our country and we need people that are willing to be politically incorrect and stand up to them, or our future is bleak.

Muslim parents flooded a school council meeting in Jersey City do force their beliefs on the local citizens, the the local school board stood up to them and told them, “NO!”

“We’re no longer the minority. That is clear from tonight. We’re going to be the majority soon.” One Muslim speaker shouted at the school council. Proving, as we have said many times, they are trying to take over our country, not assimilate to American ways.

The towns city council voted in favor of allowing the schools to close for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, bowing to the Muslims. But, the school board would not capitulate, and they rejected the Muslim protesters.

The school board complained that it is simply not feasible to close schools down with just six days notice, as it would cause undue hardships for parents and there children, who would need to find supervision for their children on short notice.

Objections were also raised by members of the Jewish community. Jewish leaders rightfully complained that the schools do not close for their holidays such as Yom Kippur or Rash HaShanah. If the school agrees to shut down for a Muslim holiday, they would need to shut down for all religions.

Christians also have many holidays that are not granted holidays and time off. The school system simply cannot accommodate each religions holy days, or they would never be open.

Hypocritical liberals are happy to deny Christians any chance to practice their religions in public space in the name of ‘separation of church and state’, yet they do not apply the same standards to Muslims.

Christian’s have been barred from holding prayer circles on school property on the grounds that it is offensive, but city councilors are willing to shut down an entire school system to capitulate Muslims. These prayer circles were conducted on the students own time, and did not interfere with other students, unlike closing the school.

No atheist groups appeared to contest the encroachment of church and state. Apparently they only object to the expansion of the Christian faith.

We should take the example of this school and refuse to cater to the demands of Muslim migrants. Immigrants have had to assimilate to American culture for generations, and it has proven successful. Yet this newest wave of immigrants refuses to adapt to our long held customs. Instead, they are lauded by liberals who reward them with tax payer money.

Of course, no one is stopping Muslim’s from practicing their faith on their own time, just like every other group in America. If they do not like the public school system, they always have the right to home school.

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