Muslim Rapes 8 Women For Wearing Bikinis On Beach – Judge Sends Him Out To Do It Again For SICK Reason

Perhaps even more dangerous than the Muslim pieces of filth we have running rampant across the globe is the continual asinine actions of liberal politicians who not only advocate for these people, but refuse to do a damn thing to protect their people from these ongoing atrocities that we see these Muslims committing. We constantly see these bleeding heart liberal politicians allowing these unvetted vermin migrants invade their countries, while giving zero concern about their citizens who will the become victimized by these people. Now a Muslim migrant who invaded Australia is a completely free man today, thanks to the asinine decision of one judge who decided the Muslim shouldn’t pay for the horrifying thing he did to eight women on a beach back in January of last year.

Islam is a religion of rape and death where their pedophile prophet taught through the Quran that it was perfectly okay to rape non-Muslim women. This is the marching orders that Muslims now follow as justification for the horrifying attacks that we see on women, who they view as sub-human. So when a Muslim refugee in Australia decided to head to the beach and sexually assault eight young women at the beach known as Surfers Paradise, he was simply following what his religion taught him to do.

While a presiding over the case, Judge David Kent heard with his own ears as this unnamed Muslim pleaded guilty to eight counts of sexual assault in his Queensland courtroom. But rather than taking the side of the victims and ensuring that this degenerate piece of filth could never pray on another woman ever again, Judge Kent immediately felt sympathy in his heart for the Muslim, ordering him to undergo a “positive sexuality” course as part of his measly TWO YEAR PROBATION. That’s right. No jail time. Only a two year probation along with this judge’s ridiculous reasoning that this young Muslim simply didn’t understand Westernized culture, and that you can’t go around sexually assaulting women just because they are wearing bikinis.

“The judge accepted that seeing girls in bikinis is different to the environment in which he grew up,” Yahoo News reported.

This is absolutely outrageous! So now we are interpreting law through the lens of Sharia Law and the culture of Islam that teaches it’s okay for Muslims to rape whoever the hell they want? What about the rights of these young women who will forever be traumatized at what this nasty Muslim did to them on a beach? If the West falls, it will not be because of radical Islam, but due to the asinine policies of these ridiculous half-brained liberal politicians and bleeding heart morons who continue to advocate on their behalf.

The boy, who was born overseas and whose actual age is not known due to a lack of records, pleaded guilty to nine counts of sexual assault and three counts of common assault at a Children’s Court hearing at Southport in Queensland.

He has been placed on a two-year probation order for what Judge David Kent described as “serious” offences.

Prosecutor Nicholas McGhee told the court the assaults variously included the boy touching his victims’ buttocks, genitalia and breasts, sometimes under their bikinis.

Mr McGhee said after raising the alarm with a local lifeguard, several of the women identified the boy in the water swimming behind other complainants in “quite a predatory manner”.

“People should enjoy the right to enjoy the right to have fun at the beach without being sexually assaulted or assaulted by a stranger,” Mr McGhee said.

Judge Kent ordered the boy to undergo a “positive sexuality” course as part of his probation and said while his immersion in a new culture partially explained his actions, it didn’t absolve him.


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