Man Gets His Face WRECKED After Walking Into Shocking Scene In A Strange Woman’s House

A man who claims to have fallen on hard times now looks like he’s fallen on his face. It was a normal day in Tennessee when all of a sudden, Joe Sotello attempted a robbery of the wrong victim. He thought he could pull an easy one when he and his girlfriend showed up at a 52-year-old woman’s house acting like they’ve lost a dog. The girlfriend was holding the sign, then Joe stepped in wearing a mask like he’s some low-end robber from an old school action movie.

This is one home invasion that he won’t forget, as the woman and her two friends beat the nonsense out of him with a baseball bat. They also beat some sense into him as well. That explains his pretty mugshot! May as well nickname this slugger Mike Schmidt for all the home runs she clanged off his face.

The best part of this story is how Sotello selected the 52-year-old woman named Lisa Morelock. The reason is possibly because she’s 4’11” and about 100lbs lighter than him. Easy victim, right? Not so fast! She had the power of Mighty Mouse when she swung that bat in self defense. With a little help from her two friends, they were able to subdue Sotello and give him the the beating he deserved. His girlfriend fled the scene. She’s no Bonnie to her Clyde, that’s for sure.

To make matters worse, the woman he robbed KNOWS him. He literally tried to rob someone who recognizes him, making him extremely easy to point out in a lineup…that is, if she’s tall enough to see over the wall and through the one-way glass.

– A home invasion went horribly wrong for a man who tried to rob a woman.  Police say the diminutive 52-year-old woman who lives there grabbed a bat and started hitting him in the face.

It happened in Kingsport, Tennessee.  Police say on Saturday night the woman answered a knock at her door to find a woman holding a flyer about a lost dog. As soon as she opened the door, a masked man stepped into the doorway, grabbed her arm, and attempted to pull her outside. When that failed, police say the masked man pushed the resident back inside the home and shouted, “This is a robbery!”

This is a robbery? Not quite. This is more likely to be a scene on America’s Dumbest Criminals! Robbery was your first mistake, buddy! You’re acting like you’ve lost a dog, preying on people’s love for animals, and then you get the snot beat out of you. Hooray for prison. I wonder if you can wear your mask behind bars or in the shower when someone drops the soap and instructs you to pick it up. Your pals in the pen will be a lot bigger than 4’11”, that’s for sure!

A struggle ensued, during which time the 4’11” tall victim was able to partially remove the mask from the suspect’s face. In doing so, she immediately recognized the man as Joe Sotello, a longtime family friend. She says she also noticed what appeared to be a handgun tucked in Sotello’s waistband.

Who brings a gun to a robbery and gets beat up by an old woman who is a few inches away from being a legal midget? Whoa, that’s embarrassing. Who brings a gun to a robbery and doesn’t use it? If you purposely choose to rob a middle aged woman the size of Willow, then you shouldn’t need a gun unless you’re also the size of Willow. In that case, then maybe it’s a better idea to not break the law. I’m not saying that I would rob this lady, but I definitely could if I wanted to. A good stiff arm like OJ Simpson goes a long way on the vertically challenged. Maybe OJ isn’t the best example to use in a crime like this.

She grabbed a baseball bat from behind the door and fought back in what police described as a “clearly justifiable self-defense.”

Two 18-year old females were also in the house and came to the woman’s defense.  Together, the three women physically drove Sotello out of the house and onto the front lawn.

This will go down in history as the most painful robbery of his life. Sotello hopefully learns his lesson, pays his dues, and comes out of jail as a better person. He needs to understand that there’s better ways to deal with falling on hard times. Everyone hits rock bottom at some point and they bounce back by fighting through it and becoming a better person.

Whether your woes are financial, addiction, anything – people can and will get through it IF they want to. As long as the desire to improve is there, then it can be done.

Robbing an old lady who is almost a midget isn’t the way to do it. What would he have gotten anyway, a few bucks? Barely anyone carries cash anymore anyway.

Be smart. Wise up. Do good for yourself and others and good things will come your way. Don’t rob short old ladies. It won’t get you anywhere in life.

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