North Korea Threatens To Sink This US Aircraft Carrier

With ever-escalating tensions, North Korea on Sunday threatened to sink the USS Carl Vinson after the Trump Administration deployed it into the western Pacific Ocean.

The American aircraft carrier, which is operating in joint drills with two Japanese ships, was promised by North Korea to receive “military force”, sinking it with a “single strike.”

Japan’s two destroyers, the Ashigara and Samidare, are operating in coordination with the USS Carl Vinson, part of growing U.S.-Japanese relations.

But North Korea, in its typically-bombastic demeanor, was not phased, declaring in a state newspaper that it has weapons which “can reach continental U.S. and Asia Pacific region.”

The statement also made reference to use of the “absolute weapon”, a hydrogen bomb.

Word games between Pyongyang and Trump have persisted for months now, spilling over onto Twitter:

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