Within the liberal dominated movie industry, celebrities who are sufficiently courageous to voice their conservative ideology are met with incredible amount of disrespect. That’s the exact reason why stars like Clinton Eastwood make such an impression when they speak up about America’s security.

This previous week, the well known director announced that his next movie will be dedicated to being courageous in the face of the radical Islamic terrorism. Even now, he comes by heavy insults due to his decision to concentrate his controversial movie on the terror attack that happened on a French Train back in August 2015.

Eastwood intends to use the film in a form of a tribute to the three honorable men who put a stop to the attack and eventually captured the terrorist. Americans Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos, and Briton Chris Norman were boarded on a train from Brussels to Paris when a terrorist came in a bathroom and exited it with an AK47. The three gutsy men put their lives at risk in order to defeat the terrorist before he could claim anyone’s life.

Eastwood is almost immune to criticism. He is certain that this is a story that has to be broadly dispersed.

What are your thoughts on this?

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