Hillary Clinton has proven time and time again that she cannot be trusted. She has no problem throwing people to the wolves to save herself. Justice WILL be served!

Two American families are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the former presidential candidate. They are citing that the 2012 attacks in Benghazi were DIRECTLY related to the way that the then-Secretary of State handled government documents.

The case will be taken to federal court in Washington D.C. The claim is that ISIS terrorists were able to track, plot, and kill Ambassador Chris Stevens due to the way Hillary carelessly used her personal email server to transmit information regarding government business.

Plaintiffs Pat and Sean Smith, as well as Charles Woods, are trying to make Hillary PAY for her crimes. The charges in this case include wrongful death, negligence, infliction of emotional distress, and defamation. Finally!

Pat Smith made an eye-opening statement at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. In her address, she said, “I blame Hillary Clinton personally for the death of my son.” Sadly, Hillary is not willing to accept any responsibility.

After getting hammered for her involvement, she made a statement via her presidential campaign. In the statement, she shifted all of the blame to the executive branch, as well as congressional probes. Pathetic.

Hillary continues to put the blame on everyone but herself, like when she lost the presidential election. She blamed her embarrassing loss on misogyny, Donald Trump, and Russians.

We’re lucky she did not make it into office. If she were President of the United States, she would STILL find reasons to blame thing on other people. She’s acting like a spoiled child. We’re tired of seeing her go unpunished for her crimes.

We’re not just talking about trivial mistakes, either. We’re talking about the DEATHS OF AMERICAN SOLDIERS! You have to wonder how she can manage to keep this charade going. She must know that she is responsible for these terrible events. The Left loves to point fingers, but it will catch up to them, just like this court case eventually caught up to Hilary.

It is about time that someone stands up to these monsters and let them know that this behavior is disgusting. They cannot run unchecked. If they do, many more innocent people are going to lose their lives. Up until this point, they have been able to operate in the shadows. As each day passes, their agenda is slowly coming to light.

Hillary has shown one thing — that she has no regard for human life. Her goals are power, and personal gain. She does not care who stands in the way. She will step on their necks with a smile on her face. It is over for her. The game is up. The country, and the world, is looking on to see what is going to happen next with Hillary R. Clinton. We are waiting for JUSTICE.

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