BREAKING: Matt Damon TOOK A STAND For Trump! Hollywood Is SPEECHLESS

Hollywood actor Matt Damon has said on numerous occasions that Donald Trump might be a good thing for America. Even more, he suggests that everyone should give him their support if we want to witness progress in the country. President-elect Donald Trump has “a lot of work cut out for him” but Americans need to be “rooting for him”, Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon said on Wednesday.

Damon noted that Donald Trump has “a lot of work cut out for him” but Americans have to put their faith in him so he can do even better.

Matt spoke at a CNBC-hosted episode.

“First of all, I wish him well and we all must. A successful American president is good for all of us and we really have to be rooting for him right now,” Damon said.

“Obviously, it’s no secret that I didn’t vote for him. And yeah, I think there is a sense of we are heading into new territory here. He is obviously not a career politician, he has been very occupied with his own business interest, which is relatively narrow given the scope of what a president actually has to deal with, so I imagine he is really working hard right now to master so many sectors.”

Although Damon was unsure which political decision Trump plans to carry out in the future he said, “we can just hope for the best.”

Damon also pointed out that being a president comes with a great pressure and it is understandable that to get results, time is essential.

“He’s about to become the most consequential person on the planet … it’s a massive burden … it’s such an enormous amount of responsibility” Damon said.

“A sentence from a president can move a market on the other side of the world and I think these guys become aware of that very quickly and you see them become very circumspect with how they speak and very measured, and I think we have to assume that will happen with him as well.”

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