SEAL Squad Who Took Out Bin Laden Has Special Surprise For The ‘Fat Kid’ In North Korea

Ever since President Trump showed the world who was boss after dropping 88.5 tons of steel on top of Syria, Russia and the chunky dictator Kim Jong-un have been throwing a massive tantrum. Ramping up their rhetoric to “make America pay” has been all we’ve heard the past several days, as they collect their arsenal and draw their own “red lines” in the sand. While Kim Jong-un is excited at the prospect of playing with his toys on the world stage, unfortunately for him, he just got a little unexpected company in his back yard in the form of the same US Navy Seal team that took out Osama bin Laden back in 2011.

According to reports, SEAL Team 6 is now actively training in South Korea in an exercise being dubbed Foal Eagle, where other special ops teams including Army Rangers, Delta Forces, and Green Berets are training to take out the “fat kid” in North Korea should he push his antics too far. US military officials are keeping the training shrouded in secrecy, only confirming that the joint exercise consists of ground, air, naval, and special operations teams involving a whopping 17,000 troops.

The training began the day after the US deployed their mobile THAAD (The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) missile defense system to South Korea, a badass “hit to kill” system that provides the capability to intercept and defend population centers around the world in the event that nuclear weapons are launched.  It is sending a huge message to our enemies, as it has a 100 percent success rate, and is described by its makers, Lockheed Martin, as “one of the most advanced missile defense systems in the world.” The has more:

It works by using radar to detect incoming threats and firing interceptors from truck-mounted launchers which destroy missiles using kinetic energy.

The US claims it’s a “strictly defensive” system but moving it to the region has angered China and Russia, and inspired protests in South Korea by those who say it contributes to escalating militarisation on the Korean peninsula.

China claim the radar reaches too far into their land and could be used aggressively. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has previously said it could threaten “China’s legitimate national security interests.”

Under Obama, the world got used to America being led by a pansy, as old Barry made us the literal laughing stock of the world with his terrorist-pandering antics. Now the world is getting a glimpse of the massive amount of whoop-ass that could quickly ensue, should they choose to bow up against an America who’s now being led by a badass leader who isn’t messing around!

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