BREAKING: 4,800 Entitled Muslims In U.S. Got BIG Surprise From Trump Right Before He Bombed ISIS

The good time for illegal Muslim immigrants in America ended the second President Donald Trump took office. Although the changes have been swift and uncomfortable for them, our Commander-in-Chief recently stepped up his game plan and isn’t apologizing for getting America back on track no matter who he has to bomb to get his message across. We saw that today when he delivered the “mother of all bombs” on ISIS, but it came after he dropped a huge surprise on 4,800 entitled Muslims on U.S. soil.

It’s the end of the road for the immigrants who walked into the country on the red carpet Barack Obama rolled out for them. Trump is undoing much of what the former president did to systematically destroy America and his latest move was probably his biggest yet outside of bombing Syria and Afghanistan days apart.

Making America great again starts with removing the problem of too many refugees who want to make America the Middle East – despite having just escaped from there. Their culture can’t assimilate with Western life and their holy book that they believe and live by, the Quran, preaches the destruction of anyone and anything that is not Islamic. The Islamic state has thrived on our refugee program under Obama, which made it easy for them to ship terrorists into the U.S. and on live off taxpayers who they aim to kill.

Although Trump slowed the flow of refugees from terrorist-tied countries with his travel ban, it didn’t resolve the problem of the thousands already here. His executive order has been fought and challenged by the left since the second he signed it and now there’s nothing they can do about what he just did to a group of 4,801 Somali migrants in America.

The Trump administration can’t be stopped in their resolve to rid the country of the evil that Obama let in under the guise of goodwill to people in war-torn countries. All 4,801 of them are now getting the boot out of America because they weren’t seeking refuge and are in fact criminals, which proves the exact problem with the refugee program.

From Newsweek:

“Some 76,000 Somalis live in the United States, with the highest concentration in Minnesota, according to the 2010 census. In the 2016 fiscal year, 198 Somalis were returned to the Horn of Africa state, a tenfold increase compared with the previous fiscal year, when just 17 Somalis were returned.Most of the immigrants grew comfortable imposing their particular religious demands, but however, it was unacceptable for the American people.”

ICE spokesman, Brendan Raedy told Newsweek “As of April 1, 388 Somali nationals are being held in ICE detention, while a total of 4,801 Somali nationals have been given their final orders of removal; the vast majority of these are undetained.”

BREAKING: 4,800 Entitled Muslim In U.S. Got BIG Surprise From Trump Right Before He Bombed ISIS

Minnesota has practically become a Muslim state thanks to their governor, Mark Dayton, who gave preference to these refugees even over the natives born and raised there. Last year, he spit in the faces of born and bred Americans, many who helped vote him into office, by demanding that those who don’t want Muslims refugees in Minnesota should get out.

The only people who should get out is Dayton and his migrants after he ran Minnesota into the ground with more Somali refugees than any other state in the nation. Perhaps if he loves and appreciates these leeching criminals so much, he can hop on the deportation bus with them and find a new home among them in Somalia.

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