t’s time to celebrate, Patriots! There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing justice and its cousin, irony, in action.

Do you remember back in October when Alabama’s RINO Governor, Robert Bentley said he could no longer vote for Donald Trump because of that video hit job orchestrated by shameless liberals? On Monday afternoon the immoral RINO pled guilty to two misdemeanors and agreed to never again hold public office after getting caught having a sexual affair with his aide, Rebekah Mason.

Justice is a beautiful thing, Patriots, but we would be remiss if we did not fill you in on the details because this man is one of the most despicable swamp-creatures to disgrace this country. We are all victims of the consequences from this swamp-dwelling RINO’s poor decision-making process, but let’s focus on the most immediate victim first–his wife, Dianne Bentley.

Ms. Bentley had taken enough humiliation over the years, and she finally had enough; she dumped this bloated RINO. According to one report, during the 2014 National Governors Association, Bentley and Mason sent each other inappropriate text messages right in front of poor Ms. Bentley. The RINO even bragged he had opened the hotel room door only wearing his boxer expecting Mason. Disgusting!

After Ms. Bentley and this soulless RINO would fight about his affair, he would take off in his truck causing security to engage in an exhaustive search to find this so-called governor. I cannot even begin to fathom how much Alabama taxpayer money must have been spent on this man’s disgusting affair. They even considered using a helicopter to track him down! Patriots, I’m sure some of us know that a journey in an ambulance can cost thousands of dollars; can you imagine how much a helicopter search must cost? We should all be grateful that the taxpayers of Alabama will no longer have to pay for this nonsense.

This Alabama swamp-creature was not tech savvy, either. His text messages were synced to his wife’s Ipad. In sharp contrast to this disgusting RINO, Dianne Bentley used technology to her advantage. She had her chief of staff, Heather Hannah, secretly record phone calls where the governor described feeling Mason’s breasts. Unfortunately for Hannah, the disturbed RINO figured it out, and he threatened our fellow, swamp-draining patriot. He told her to, “watch herself,” and he said that Alabamians “bow to his throne.”

Brace yourself, patriots, because this part has strong language. There are pictures of Hannah’s car with the word,”Die” and other vulgar phrases that we can’t repeat carved into the windows. Wow, I don’t even have words for this one. I think that speaks for itself, but the corruption doesn’t end there.

The governor asked for state law enforcement officials and his bodyguard to find the recorded phone and engage in other measures to his protect his bottom-feeding reputation. We are sorry, Robert Bentely, but you have no reputation to protect. Can you believe this corruption?

I can believe it. This is just the sort of corruption and deception we have come to expect from these establishment swamp-creatures. Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to drain the swamp. With Donald Trump in office, the swamp-dwellers will be forced into the sunlight, and we will finally be able to clean up Washington and other local offices.

The Alabama Ethics Commission determined that this disgusting, piggish RINO committed at least four felonies while furthering his dirty deeds. Of course, the establishment cronies were quick to make a deal to lower these felonies to misdemeanors. This swamp-demon should have gotten the full boat, and I will not be satisfied until I see this horrible creature behind bars. Politicians need to be held to a higher standard or these creatures will continue to infest our local offices and the federal government.

Alabama deserves better politicians. WE deserve better politicians. This should not be a difficult request. This shouldn’t even be a request because our great, brave Founding Fathers had setup an easy path towards a clean and beautiful government, but the corrupt swamp-dwellers have refused to back down.

It is time to take our country back, patriots, and this is a great first step. We will one day have the government that the Founding Father’s promised us, and Donald Trump is the man to deliver this promise. Donald Trump and his administration are already draining the swamp. The next eight years will be return our country to greatness, but we must remain active and vigilant, Patriots. We cannot let the Democrats creep their way back into our government.

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