Illegal Brags She Voted For Hillary 5 Times, Judge Wipes SMUG Grin Off Her Face

The big question is: why is this happening in the first place?

Rosa Ortega, who lived in Mexico, recently had to face the music when she was caught voting five times throughout Texas in the 2016 presidential election. Luckily, the judge presiding over her case made sure that this illegal immigrant got what was coming to her. He ended up giving her 8 years in prison here in America, and then she is going to get deported back to Mexico. That is what we call some good old-fashioned justice.


Her vote was (obviously) for the criminal Hillary Clinton. And you might think that that’s as bad as it gets, but it gets worse. The license that she used to vote had her listed as a non-citizen. Let that sink in for a minute — it was clear as day all along.

When the liberals got wind of this story, they contorted it until it fit their narrative — go figure. In their version, it is all Trump’s fault, and we shouldn’t send her back to Mexico because their emotions are above the law.

This situation brings up a couple of big problems that we, as a nation, need to talk about. In time, we can resolve these issues. But it is happening NOW and currently can be continued.

First of all, we have the problem that this situation even occurred in the first place. We know that the previous administration did not care about illegal immigration at all. In fact, the Obama administration seemed to encourage it.

The other issue is that Rosa was just the person who got caught — many other illegals remain free to vote again. Imagine if 1/36th of the voters voted 5 times. Now, imagine how much that could influence ANY election, from presidential to local. The good news is, we have enough legitimate Americans who voted Trump into office.

Rosa has a common symptom that crops up among the young and the left: she feels like the world owes her everything. This sense of self-entitlement leads people to this disillusioned reality where emotions are more important than dried ink law.

We see these folks every day. They have taken over the news outlets, some government positions, they work with us, and are in front of us at our local coffee shop. They do not hold themselves accountable for anything that happens in their lives. This kind of behavior needs to change.

The change starts with us. We need to work together, support our president, and watch the world change before our eyes. The truth will always prevail. At some point, you have to be responsible for the things that happen in your life. This case is a small example of the change to come.

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