BREAKING NEWS: ICE Just Arrested 153 ILLEGALS In Massive Texas Raid – You Won’t Believe Who Was Among Them!

ICE agents conducted a massive raid in Texas and arrested 153 illegal immigrants. This was part of a standard enforcement operation that targeted illegal immigrant criminals.

It was a 12-day operation that spanned from March 20 to the 31st. The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents successfully arrested the large group who were mostly criminals who entered the country illegally through Mexico, were deported, and re-entered.

What most democrats aren’t telling people is that ICE’s primary target is the convicted illegal aliens who have criminal records or are fugitives running from the law.

Another staggering number that liberals won’t want you to know is that many of the immigrants arrested had criminal records that included violent crimes. There’s a huge difference between someone who sells drugs once in a while compared to someone who has a history of violently attacking people. Both are bad in the own ways, but people do drugs by choice, they don’t get attacked by choice.

Some of the crimes committed by the illegal immigrants are quite startling and not exactly the people you would want living next door to your children.

“ICE’s primary immigration enforcement efforts target convicted criminal aliens,” Daniel Bible, field office director for ERO in San Antonio, said in a statement. “Consequently, our operations improve overall public safety by removing these criminals from our streets, and ultimately from our country.”

The most arrests – 62 people – were made in San Antonio, Texas. Another 24 men and women were arrested in Austin, 29 in Laredo and 38 in Harlingen, located in the Rio Grande Valley. Of the more than 150 people taken into custody, 138 were men and 15 were women.

Approximately 137 of the total number had criminal histories that included convictions of aggravated assault with a weapon, aggravated assault of a child, driving under the influence, sexual assault, burglary, robbery, resisting officer, vehicular manslaughter, alien smuggling, domestic violence and drug possession.

Reports state that over 90 percent of the illegal immigrants arrested were from Mexico. Several others were from Honduras, Guatamala, Canada, and El Salvador.

President Trump has given ICE the ability to successfully do their job and it has irritated people. Many people forget that former President Obama has deported mass amounts of people, more than many other Presidents. Democrats didn’t seem to give Obama as much criticism as they are Trump. Obama’s nickname was the “deporter in chief” if that tells you anything about his historic deportation skills.

We have four to eight years of ICE cleaning things up for a safer America. Most people don’t care about illegal immigrants who don’t break the law. The reason is because those immigrants are probably good people. It’s the criminals that everyone should be worried about. America has enough of it’s own criminals, so we should not be asked or expected to willfully harbor the criminals who come from other countries. That’s not our job.

ICE targets criminally active immigrants in hopes to provide a safer country for Americans. Liberals don’t seem to care about safety, which is apparent in their lust for letting every Tom, Dick, and Harry enter the country without vetting or passing immigration protocol.

Or should I call that, Tomas, Ricardo, y el Quique.

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