Drunken 18-year-old Malia Obama Thrown Out of NYC Club for Altercation Involving Conservative Journalists

Malia Obama has been thrown out of a members only nightclub in NYC after getting into an altercation with a conservative journalist.  Malia Obama was spotted on Saturday at the Parlor, an exclusive Soho club, for a 21-and-over event.   Malia Obama is only 18, but that didn’t stop her from drinking alcohol illegally at the event according to witnesses.  Martina Markota attended the event with Lucian Wintrich, she was the first to spot Malia:

Eventually Malia sports the Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich. Malia began yelling at Wintrich:

Multiple witnesses watched as Malia Obama ran up to Wintrich with the intent of causing trouble. Wintrich believes Malia was intoxicated at this point.  Who was serving her alcohol? Wintrich attempted to snap a picture of Malia which enraged the spoiled brat. Malia asked Wintrich to confirm who he was before accosting him and saying: “If you wanna have a conversation, let’s sit down, let’s have a real conversation.”

Wintrich responded by saying “Absolutely. Let’s sit down and have a conversation.” This response set Malia off, she told Wintrich she thought he was disgusting. She was quickly escorted away by her personal security. Wintrich was able to capture a shot of her:

Wintrich and company claim that Malia shouted both at him and that she seemed to be visibly unhinged. Fortunately for Malia, her security was there to keep her from getting herself into even more trouble. The club threatened Wintrich in an attempt to make him delete the picture of Malia. It apparently didn’t work:

Markota claims they were lectured by club employees and then thrown out. Malia Obama was also asked to leave.

It appears that Malia Obama is going off the rails on a …

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