BOOM!WASHINGTON IN SHOCK!Trump Just Sent His First Bill to Congress and Democrats are FREAKING OUT!

TRUMP IS FULFILLING HIS PROMISE TO PUT AMERICANS FIRST: After enacting several Executive Orders over his first few weeks, President Trump now has his first actual Bill before Congress.

Senator Tom Cotton and Senator David Perdue teamed up to bring Trump’s plan before the U.S. Senate. It’s called the “Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment” act.

The RAISE act does EXACTLY what Trump promised to do during the campaign. It will CUT annual legal immigration by 40% and put Americans FIRST!

Currently, the U.S. brings in 1 million LEGAL immigrants per year and this bill would cut that nearly in HALF!

Mass immigration, both legal and illegal, has been CATASTROPHIC for American workers.

The number of jobless MEN aged 25-54 has been drastically increasing for nearly 60 years…This started about the EXACT same time the U.S. Congress increased our annual legal immigration levels from 400,000 to 1 Million per year.

IT’S SIMPLE SUPPLY AND DEMAND: The more foreign workers we bring in, the more Americans will be out of a job.

Democrats and even some Republicans are FREAKING OUT over the idea of cutting legal immigration because they have been drastically increasing it for 40 years. WATCH THIS SHOCKING VIDEO THEN SHARE ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER!

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