PISSED Brit Just Went BEAST MODE On Muslims When He Saw What They Were Doing At Attack Site

The terror attack in London has left people piecing together a puzzle of terrorism that’s so simple a five-year-old could do it. When the pieces fall together we see nothing but Muslims surrounded by explosions, car attacks, knife attacks, and a history of attacks all pointing to the same people.

It’s common sense 101 because Muslims love committing acts of terror. No one really understands why, but that’s just how it is when they’re born into a culture that insists on remaining barbaric and uncivilized. That’s just how it is when the elder Muslims brainwash the young generation. Instead of urging their kids to become accountants and surgeons, they’re strapping bombs on their kids and telling them there are mass amounts of virgins waiting for them in the sky.

When this news agent, Caolan Robertson, from Rebel Media asks pedestrians about the recent attacks, they’re livid. They’re upset, angry, bitter, and they all know who is to blame. Caolan Robertson makes a great point – when you import a culture, then you get the culture. The Muslim’s who are radicalized are violent and uncivilized. He interviews Tommy Robinson about the attack on the bridge and the stabbing that happened at nearly the same time. The man explains how bad things have become since the government began letting Muslims migrate without vetting. Robinson goes beast mode and explains there are lots of suspected attacks and people aren’t happy about it. He gives information about up to twelve other suspected terror attacks and how Muslims are downloading terrorist propaganda. While Caolan Robertson is talking to Tommy Robinson, another reporter approaches and asks a ridiculous question about having more information regarding these attacks being committed by Muslims. I guess that ten-pound jabroni wasn’t in line when God handed out brains equipped with common sense.

Seriously…is this guy serious? Look around, chump. Most of the terror attacks are committed by radicalized Islamic terrorists who’ve been brainwashed so bad that they give up their own life to attack others. That man goes off on the brownish pencil shaped guy who asks stupid questions.

As that’s going on, there’s another leftist who chuckles like a brainless clown. She’s a little Asian girl who’s to the left of our screen and she’s an absurd human being. While she’s laughing the reporter, Caolan Robertson with the good hair, he goes full beast mode on her. He called her out for laughing as there are people around the corner covered in blood, walking around scared, freaking out because someone drove a car into human bodies on a bridge because they thought there might be a few virgins waiting for them.


Caolan calls her out so bad that she goes running away like the scared leftist she is. She’ll probably go home and think of ways to be nicer to Muslims to try and convince them to stop being terrorists.


When will the leftists wake up and realize that Muslim terrorists don’t care about them? You cannot win this war with a hug. When Muslims commit acts of terror, they kill everyone. They don’t stop to ask what political party you’re on. In fact, a Muslim would probably kill a leftist first on account of the leftist being a weakling like they always are.

Wake up before you get blown up.

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