How many times does the TSA have to go viral from locations all across the United States before some type of rework comes to it?

It’s well known that they probably couldn’t handle a real terrorist attempt without the efforts of marshals and average citizens, so why are they allowed to continue the harassment of our own citizens?
Nineteen-year-old Hannah Cohen and her mother were returning from the last trip to St. Jude’s Hospital in Chattanooga that they’d ever have to make and ended up on a layover in Memphis. Their bags had already been sent on their way home and all that was left was a trip through security to finish out their trip.
See, Hannah has a brain tumor leaving her partially deaf and blind in one eye, sometimes she can easily get confused as well.

That confusion ended up costing her dearly.

Due to her inability to understand that the TSA wanted to screen her further she was reluctant to allow it, which led to a deeper altercation and her on the floor. She was arrested and sent to jail while her face was still covered in blood. What a way to end her cancer treatments, good going TSA, keep making America proud.

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