OUCH! Things Take Ugly Turn For MATT LAUER When He Tries To Get George W. Bush To Blame Trump For Division: “When I was President, you mattered a lot more” [VIDEO]

Matt Lauer, of the failing Today Show had an exclusive interview with the President. George W. Bush refused to criticize Barack Obama’s presidency, but the media is hoping that after his brother Jeb took a brutal beating in the primary’s that his position on not trashing a sitting president may have changed. True to form, the pathetic Matt Lauer attempts to blame the division in our nation, that will surely be Barack Obama’s legacy, on President Donald Trump. Lauer starts the interview out in a whiny voice, as he attempts to get the former President Bush to take the media’s side against Trump: “But there’s enormous division in the country right now, and although the president says he hopes to unify the country, have you in the first month seen him do or say anything that in your opinion, would be an attempt to heal the wounds of the election?” Things took an unexpected turn when instead of agreeing with Lauer, George W. Bush reminds him of the role the press has played in helping Obama to divide our nation, and more specifically, how irrelevant Matt Lauer has become. Ouch!


Here’s the entire interview:

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