IT’S A COUP! Hillary Clinton Just Released SICK New Video That Trump Will HATE!

Some people just don’t understand that “NO” means “NO”! Hillary Clinton has released another SICK new video, on the eve of the International Women’s Day, that will make America sick to their stomachs.

As if we were not already tired of seeing her already, she decided to take to Snapchat of all places to send an order to her imaginary Troops.

Hillary gives very specific directions like “Stand up” and “Resist” in another very CLEAR message to fight against President Trump.

What makes Hillary Clinton think that ANYONE wants to see her lead a rebellion? She had her chance to win back in 2016 and failed MISERABLY because of her own hubris.

Maybe instead of filming Snapchat videos and hanging out with pop-stars she should have tried meeting and talking to REAL people from around the country like Donald Trump did.

This isn’t her first attempt at starting a fight in the last week, either. She showed up to receive a “Champion of Girls” award to make another one of her “Resist” speeches.

I’m sorry, where is Kellyanne Conway’s award? Kellyanne was the FIRST woman to ever run a successful US Presidential campaign and has had to deal with unprecedented amounts of liberal slut-shaming ever since. These so-called “feminists” have no shame!

If you wanna help shut down Hillary for good, then share this out and expose her for the FRAUD that she is!!

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