FIRE SAMANTHA BEE After The SICK Thing She Said Making Fun Of Cancer Stricken Trump Supporter!

What liberal “comedian” Samantha Bee did to humiliate a Cancer patient on air is nothing short of DISGUSTING.

During her show “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee”, she thought it would be funny to make fun of CPAC. Instead of using classy jokes, however, she decided to make fun of people for having what she called “Nazi-hair.”

Apparently doing any kind of background research was too hard for her and her crew. That’s why they singled out 20-year-old student Kyle Coddington during their segment as one of their “new Nazis.”

The problem is, Kyle doesn’t have “Nazi hair.” Kyle has stage four brain cancer.

In fact, they cared so little about the people they were targeting that they did not even take down the segment until Coddington’s sister Tweeted Samantha Bee and let them know how disgusting they are.


So what did they do to apologize? The show, NOT Samantha Bee, donated a measly $1000 to help with his medical expenses. By the way, Samantha Bee makes $1 Million a year.

So while the Left may not care one bit about people like Kyle, we still can. In fact, if you want to help him cover the costs of his ongoing treatment, you can donate directly to his GO FUND ME page.

While there is no cure for Kyle’s form of cancer, he may still recover with the good graces of God. If you cannot afford to donate, please help him by sending prayers to him and his family.

We stand with you Kyle Coddington. God bless you and may He grant you a speedy recovery. AMEN!

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