THE NEW WATERGATE! What Obama Was Just Caught Doing To Trump Would Make Even Nixon Vomit!

Barack Obama has finally been caught in a scandal that is as big or BIGGER than even Watergate.

A new report from then New York Time has revealed that, just like Nixon, Obama ordered US spy agencies to use surveillance technologies and gather intelligence against President Trump.

He now plans on using this information for a single, sickening goal: To preserve his own legacy of constitutional overhauls and division.

Even more sickening, however, was HOW he went about “preserving” the information he collected. According to the times, he spread it around between his own political allies, many of whom are now “retired”, as well as shared it with America’s allies around the world.

This is not an example of leadership. This is treason comparable to that traitor Benedict Arnold himself.

Of course, they are covering up their selfish intentions with all kinds of slanderous lies about Trump selling out the US to Russia.

I seem to Remember Obama selling our country out to Iran and Cuba and the media gave him awards and sang his praises!!

The only thing that can stop their evil, yes EVIL, plan from tearing this country apart is WE THE PEOPLE.

We need to Share this all over social media and make sure everyone knows the TRUTH about America’s worst President (Obama) before he rewrites the constitution with himself as King! (Sounds like the crazy sh*t Obama would do)

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