Jennifer Lopez Tries To Overthrow Trump – America Responds!

The Grammy Awards on Sunday were a quite interesting show to watch. We have all been expecting the liberal media as well as the liberal Hollywood celebrities to start throwing punches at Trump, and they did not fail to deliver.

The celebrities have managed to ruin every award show since Trump got elected president, by getting all political and totally ignorant, while we’re at it.

They just love to teach us conservatives to differ right from wrong and to stay open minded, while they are saving up their millions on building fancy mansions and keeping their money all to themselves.

A video on YouTube, showcasing Jennifer Lopez and her ridiculousness, surfaced and we are mostly embarrassed by her. Luckily, we have sane people who can tell the actual facts straight up and directly.

Jennifer Lopez may have spoken on how every celebrity needs to speak up if they want to be heard and if they are willing to make a change, but in our minds, that is nothing short of stupidity.

Honestly, Jennifer Lopez has done nothing smart or significant to even consider her a serious voice of reason. Blabbing doesn’t help, but that seems to be the Hollywood celebrities’ favorite thing to do nowadays.

Aside from Jennifer Lopez, other celebrities also attempted to crush Trump, including Grammy’s host, James Corden and Paris Jackson (is she famous yet?).

Well, this is just disgraceful. It seems to me that no decent award shows are left to watch since everything already went south and only poor political opinions by insignificant individuals are ruling the also liberal media

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