After taking a couple of cheap shots from a Muslim thug, a bus driver had a bit of a rude awakening for one of Allah’s little soldiers… people actually fight back when you come after them! 

Muslim migrants don’t want anything to do with the countries customs or laws, and think they are above them and the people of the country.

That’s why this man just thought he could slap the driver into submission, because he believes himself to be superior. But as these thugs are finding out more and more, people have had enough and many of them are more than capable of handling themselves when provoked by these violent refugees.

I have said for months that this would eventually be the outcome from people around the world as these refugees become more brazen.

They’ve made our countries dangerous, and its about time we stood up for ourselves. Their ‘god’ does not give them the right to attack other people, in Europe or in America. They can go back to their own country and do that to their own people, where it seems to be the norm.

 Not only are the migrants and illegals against the American people, but the liberals are as well. When we are attacked by those who don’t belong in this country, we have to face the wrath of the liberals, who give all of their sympathy and understanding to the attackers who instigated the conflict.

Enough is enough. The liberals need to stop cooing and crying over the refugees who have no remorse for the attacks that they commit on countries around the world, they need to stop protesting the ban President Trump set onto refugees from certain countries.

People from those countries want to do more than punch us in our faces, they want to shoot us, stab us, bomb us, and run us over with cars. They want to breed us out so they can take control of the world and run it as an Islamic State.

That’s why we don’t want them in our country. It’s not about racism, it’s about protecting both OUR country and OUR citizens.

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