Joy Villa Wore ‘Make America Great’ Dress At The Grammys

Nobody expected that the 59th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony would be so… shocking?! The Grammys have always been about awards, performers, winners. But, February 12 will be remembered as a special day, and by special we mean “the day when an American singer wore ‘Make America Great Again’ Dress.” Yes, our “shocking” referred to this magnificent dress.


Politics reached every bit of America in the following years, and this year it got outrageous. People talk about politics all the time. It’s like an obsession. Even events like the Grammys and the Golden Globe got “infected” with politics. Many celebrities use these special occasions to speak their mind, and express their political views. But, this is amazing! This is out of this world!

See it for yourself.

Isn’t it amazing?!Joy Villa nailed it! This brilliant dress means a lot more than the vain words of some celebrities. Some claim that the singer was just seeking for attention. Others praise her support. We know who loves this dress.

Villa risked her career. She may even lose some of her fans, but that doesn’t matter. She had the courage to support the President in the time when many people try to sabotage him.

Villa proved that celebrities will sure bring politics in their purses, but she did it in the best way possible, and looked amazing! The dress woke up our deepest emotions, and we can do nothing but praise the girl! She did amazing job. Thank you, Villa!

You’d all agree that this is the best “political incident” so far. Nothing like Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globe. Streep went against the President, and against the will of every American. Villa, on the other hand, showed real support for our President.

Do you support Villa? What do you think about her dress?

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