Melanie Trump Assaulted For Wearing Too Sexy Dress

We all know we live in an are full of gossip and jealousy. But people take it really low when they start to attack families. This time out President-Elect’s beautiful wife was a target for the envious Liberals.

From Worldnewspolitics:

Liberals have shown many times that they love wrecking Donald Trump. But this time they have gone too far. Castigating Melanie Trump was a low hit.

Our President-Elect’s gracious wife was wearing Dolce and Gabbana’s black dress with jewel brooches on the shoulders and was looking absolutely stunning. But, savaged Liberals did not wait long until they went after Melanie Trump describing her dress as ‘too sexy’.

While many were praising the classy look by saying that Melanie looked even classier than Michelle Obama, Liberals continued with their low hits. At the same moment when Stefano Gabbana posted a picture of stunning Melanie Trump on his Instagram account, thanking her for choosing to honor him by wearing his design and declaring her as a ‘#DGwoman’, the liberal’s furor began.

One of the comments was saying that Stefano should have known that the election had torn apart this country. Other comment said that if it were Mrs. Reagan, Bush or Obama (either party) no one on the either side would mind but this had been offensive to the core.

Stefano Gabbana seemed to be fighting mad after he read the comments and immediately started to conserve Melanie. On his Instagram account, he wrote that he could not believe how many stupid and ignorant people are on this social network. He also encouraged his followers to unfollow him if they don’t like his post and to not buy his clothes because he does not need ignorant customers.

Stefano Gabbana definitely set things right.

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