Trump Shows That Nobody Can Bribe Him

Some people cannot understand that money can’t buy everything but our President-Elect Donald Trump is going to show them. This country elected Trump because it needs a Man in the White House, a Man that is not afraid to talk or act like one.

From Freedomdaily:

Donald Trump definitely makes no apologies for the things he says and does no matter who it offends. It is refreshing to see when he pisses off rich people before he even gets in the White House, who don’t like the fact that he is in charge now.

President-Elect Donald Trump had shown that his focus on making America great again can’t be distracted by meaningful people’s attempt to bribe him. On the other hand, we have our President Obama who has proven that his presidency has been very profitable for him since the fact that is moving out of the White House into a multi-million dollar estate after just two years on $400,000 per year president’s salary.

But Trump is not afraid to stick it even to one of his biggest and richest haters who showed up to his golf course and tried to throw his weight around and got humiliated. Despite people’s efforts and loads of cash to distract him from his goal, he won anyway and is still laughing especially now when he got the opportunity to stick it to two men who led the charge against him, when they decided to spend the afternoon at Trump’s private golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The billionaire Koch brothers, Charles and David, opposed Trump during the Republican primary season and refused to help him during the general election. Breitbart reported that they also have a close friendship with Harry Hurt III, the author of the slanderous book about Trump that brimmed with disgusting rape accusations about our President-Elect.

David Koch and Hurt had planned a  retreat at Trump’s exclusive golf resort but when Trump had found out that they were there, he instructed the management to remove the pair from his property by saying that they weren’t welcome back. This had to be the most embarrassing moment of their lives.

Donald Trump had once again proved that their money isn’t important to him and no price can change their karma when they went against their own party to protect the political establishment.

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