WHOA! Wait Till You See How Trump Just Surprised Every Police Officer In America!

Trump loves police. That’s something that our previous president didn’t do. That’s why out of the blue Trump decided to send out a message to all our men and women in blue.

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They deserve our respect. They protect this country.

Here is what Trump sent out today:

Wheeeeew!!! Ain’t that so much better than anything Obama ever did. Let’s send all of our men and women police officers a huuuugggee thank you from us Trump supporters.

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Now let’s get ready because in 11 days the biggest firing in human history will take place.

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I want all of our police officers to see that Trump loves what they do. Hell. I want all of our police officers to see that we the people of the United States love them for what they do.

God bless all our police.

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