Democrats Prove They are RACIST! Look What they Did in Congress Today

We all knew that Democrats are a bunch of overreacting cry babies, but this morning the hit an all-time low when “protesting” Jeff Sessions confirmation hearing in Congress.

When Senator Sessions was entering the hearing, there were a whole host of so-called “liberals” hooting and hollering at him. The WORST of all were the Dems who broke out their KKK costumes (I guess there were no lynch mobs for them to join today) to allegedly protest him.

Tell me that right there is not Sick/Classic Liberalism at its worst. They think that by supporting the Klan, who is a worthless and DUMB organization, they will prove a point. Next thing you know the Democrats will start lynching Black people just like they used to!

Here is the TRUTH behind the KKK in the modern day. The ONLY reason the Klan is relevant again is the Mainstream Media. They kept sending camera crews down to meet their so-called “leaders” to try and hurt Trump when, in reality, all they were doing was giving the Klan a platform to say racist shit.

WE ALL KNOW THE KLAN SUCKS! Please, for the Love of God Democrats, quit giving the White Supremacists a platform to speak on. DAMN!

Sorry. I try not to get too personal in articles, but this one pisses me off. Democrats want segregationalism. They want slave labor. Republicans do not! We respect the rights of ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.

We cannot let these stupid libs revive the Klan. Our party was founded to END racism and all that and that’s exactly what we are gonna do. We are not white people, black people, latino people, Asian people. We are all AMERICAN people. God Bless the USA!

(H/T – Daily Mail)

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