OH MY GOD! Obama Just Got Really, Really Bad News Seconds Ago…

Barack Obama will now meet with Democratic lawmakers in Congress in Wednesday to talk about keeping Obamacare. Apparently, Republicans are trying to dismantle it before he gets out of office.

Let me repeat that:


Senator Mike Enzi has introduced a resolution to kill Obamacare today. That means that if it gets passed with a simple majority vote than Obama’s legacy is ruined. Thank God!

You gotta watch this video below. This is what Obama is going to be doing now that his legacy is ruined.

Republicans have the majority. They can do this. #SHARE this article right now if you want our Senators to repeal Obamacare!

Every single patriot reading this post needs to help us at Liberty Writers stop Obamacare.

Comment ‘KILL OBAMACARE’ below this post on Facebook and then share it! If we get 1 million patriots to do this, then it will go viral.

Let’s kill Obamacare today. Thanks, y’all! (h/t Reuters)

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