After the Attack, Mike Pence Turned to the Camera & Told America EXACTLY What We Needed to Hear

God Bless you, Mike Pence. You are truly a strong, smart and well-spoken patriot who knows exactly what America needs in its darkest time. I’d say after that shooting in Fort Lauderdale earlier, America is in need of a hero!

Mike Pence wasted no time meeting with CNN to give America the words of strength and encouragement we all longed to hear.


Mike Pence also wished his genuine prayers for all those innocent victims and responders involved including those who lost their lives.

What happened in Fort Lauderdale today was not only awful, it was PREVENTABLE. The shooterturned himself into the FBI and told him ISIS was talking to him in his head. RED FLAG!!

So we should absolutely take a moment to send our prayers and blessings to the people of that fine city, but then we need to build our resolve and understand THIS is the world we live in and this is exactly why we needed Donald Trump to be president.

ISIS shouldn’t just fear us, they need to be obliterated!! Trump will Make America SAFE again and we can stop innocent blood from being spilled.

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