BOOM: Trump Betrayed By Republicans- He Fires Back BIG TIME!

Although Donald Trump is set up for the next presidential spot, we have to keep in mind that he has a big plan ahead of him that needs to be conducted effectively. Let’s not forget the cracks that Obama left open in these years.

The first promise that trump made was to get rid of all the corruption and manipulation that overtook Washington during the last 8 years.

So far, he had confronted and dealt with certain pests that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

Making suitable changes applies not only to the Democrats, but to the republicans as well.
The Huffington Post reads:


On Tuesday, House Republicans have dismissed their intentions to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, after many insisting on Trump’s part.

Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) have authorization this amendment, whose purpose would be to place independent congressional ethics office monitored by House Ethics Committee, to alternate OCE’s name and to prevent reports from being released.

Donald Trump was often most criticized by one of his own, meaning the Republicans in his rows.

His intentions to clear out Washington from the poison and damage has been a source of anger for both Liberals and Conservatives.

Donald Trump’s two tweets have managed to calm things a little and to take off some of the steam. It is in his duties even before he is officially sworn, to enforce political decisions and to disallow amendments that oppose his ideas to be carried out.

We are honestly looking forward to more change being done after he is inaugurated.

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