OUCH! Donald Trump Just Hit Obama Right Where it Hurts…AMERICA IS SAVED!

Barack Obama has absolutely abused the HELL out of his presidential powers over the last 8 years. When America would not pass his laws, he would sign an executive order and when he needs new voters, he signs Presidential Pardons.

The worst of the worst is his love for releasing known, dangerous terrorists from GITMO back to the Middle East so they can help ISIS. Now he plans on releasing another 18 before he leaves!

Donald Trump says “NO MORE!” He shut Obama down in an epic Tweet that all Americans need to see NOW:

YES! Thank you, Donald! Why the hell would be releasing these maniacs in the first place?

Obama tries to make it seem like we are locking up a bunch of innocent guys in Guantanamo, but the reality is you have to do something or know someone VERY bad to get you ass in that Hell Hole.

Maybe some of them are in there because of bad intel. Lord knows the CIA is pretty clueless about the world. Still, after having them in there, even a “good” man will HATE America. There is no way to release them.

I am not discussing the legitimacy of GITMO. The issue here is releasing the people who are kept there. They are vengeful, dangerous, and well-connected. Please, President Trump, save our country now!!


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