As the newest statistics are showing, Italy is the number one destination for illegal immigrants. Thousands of desperate needy people in search for a better future are immigrating into Italy. Afraid of the latest happenings in Europe, the terrorist attacks which were killed so many people, the Italians have chosen to take a drastic measure. They are planning a mass deportation. Something that should be an example for other countries that are in refugee crisis.

According to the latest statistics, more than a half million migrants streamed into Italy in 2016, which is very huge number and the Italian authorities can not control them.

“Franco Gabrielli, the chief of police sent a two-page document to stations around Italy, asking them to deport and identify economic migrants who are not entitled to asylum,” reports the International Business Times.


As Conservative Daily Post reported, Italy is freeing itself from the grip of the crisis by choosing to expel everyone who doesn’t belong in the country. The former Prime Minister was a soft, left-leaning man who supported mass immigration and naively believed that the horde of asylum seekers could and would easily assimilate.

New Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni has initiated a mass deportation. More than 400,000 migrants were given deportation orders.

The leader of the Five Star Movement party, Beppe Grillo, stated that it is time for Italy to take actions, since their country has become a crossroad for Jihadists and terrorists among the refugees. Also called for the suspension of the visa free Schengen agreement which allows unrestricted travel across Europe.

“Until now it has been time for sorrow, sympathy, solidarity. Now it is time to act and protect.”

The tensions are high in the U.S too, since the President Obama resettled huge number of migrants within the states. Can you figure it out, how can someone bless migrants with terrorists among them?

“Officials have said the death toll in the Mediterranean has now passed 4,400 for people traveling the perilous route from Libya to Italy,” writes The Express.

“The route is now the most used, taking over the Aegean Sea crossing to become the choice route for smugglers in Africa. United Nations High Commission released figures last week showing 180,000 used the route in 2016.”

But the refugees want to enter the EU at any costs. Recently when a group of refugees were pulled by the Italian coastguard, they threatened that will throw their children into the sea if not allowed to dock at the Italian port.

“The refugees – mostly Kurds and many said to be heading for Britain – calmed down only when they were assured they would not be turned away from Italy. The ship was towed to the Sicilian port of Catania, where 400 men, 200 women and 361 children were taken to Red Cross shelters,” reports the Daily Mail.

Italy is the first country to take actions on this issue. And they are right, Muslim refugees shouldn’t be accepted since they are spreading diseases and making troubles everywhere they go. I can’t say that every Muslim is a terrorist or spreads disease and illness, but the majority of them are. We need to take actions on this issue as soon as possible. Trump needs to fix Obama’s failed policies and deport the illegal Muslims out of the country.

Can Trump make a move as soon as he take the office? What do you think?

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