It seems that there is a special connection between Barack Obama and the Islam, as he continues to argue that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorists don’t represent the true meaning of Islam. Yes, he is partly right, a bunch of people terrorists can’t represent the religion, but since that number is considerable, more than a million people, it can leave a mark about the Islam.

The majority of the Americans disagree with Obama, and are raising questions if Obama is a devout Muslim practicing Islam.

Recently, he made an unacceptable move that will make Americans even more angrier. As reported on CBS, Obama has been using taxpayer funds to renovate mosques throughout the Middle East. And you are asking right now why wasn’t this reported on the mainstream media? The answer is simple, they don’t want you to see stories like this, they want you to see some B.S. against Trump. So we the conservatives won’t let this go, we will not allow this to go unseen any longer!

If Obama is not a devout Muslim, then why the hell would someone send $770M to terrorist nations for renovating mosques?

These actions explain why he plays nice with the Iranians, refuses to destroy ISIS, and has allowed Islam to run rampant inside the United States. Obama has done almost everything he can to turn the United States into a Muslim Nation.

VIA Conservative Daily Post

The program, which spends the money through the State Department’s USAID program hasn’t been widely reported.

While this is another obvious attempt by Obama to promote Sharia law and his Islamic faith, it also proves he is pushing his Muslim agenda.

Obama has also erased the word “terrorism” from any and all government vernacular. When a psycho murdered our soldiers at Fort Hood, Obama classified the attack as “workplace violence” and the whole concept of the “War on Terror”disappeared.

Or how about when the terrorist carried out the attack in Orlando that killed 50 people for ISIS? Boston? San Bernardino? New York City? All of these cases are similar because Obama refused to admit they were radical Islamic terrorists that killed innocent Americans.

Obama tells Americans: “I consider it as my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear.”

There are so many veterans who are homeless and without a job, there are so many cities without quality educational system, there are so many people who can’t afford a life, and Obama is funding terrorist states to renovate mosques instead? If that isn’t a reason plus to be impeached, I don’t know what should be.

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