Julian Assange Drops Bombshell About Hillary Clinton

Julian Assange was interviewed recently about his thoughts on the American election and whether or not his leaked emails about Hillary Clinton influenced it. He spoke with La Repubblica and as soon as the interview started, he immediately dismissed the notion that he worked and helped Donald Trump win the election.

Here are parts from the interview:

Donald Trump is not a DC insider, he is part of the wealthy ruling elite of the United States, and he is gathering around him a spectrum of other rich people and several idiosyncratic personalities. They do not by themselves form an existing structure, so it is a weak structure which is displacing and destabilising the pre-existing central power network within DC. It is a new patronage structure which will evolve rapidly, but at the moment its looseness means there are opportunities for change in the United States: change for the worse and change for the better.”

Assange asserted that Clinton waged war in Libya as a staging effort to run for president to make herself appear as though she is hard on the enemy in war. He insisted it is normal for people to come to him with information about Clinton. Assange denies the Russians were his source for the emails that were found between members of the Democratic Party and the DNC.

Assange ended by stating the following,

“Power is mostly the illusion of power. The Pentagon demanded we destroy our publications. We kept publishing. Clinton denounced us and said we were an attack on the entire “international community”. We kept publishing. I was put in prison and under house arrest. We kept publishing. We went head to head with the NSA getting Edward Snowden out of Hong Kong, we won and got him asylum. Clinton tried to destroy us and was herself destroyed. Elephants, it seems, can be brought down with string. Perhaps there are no elephants.”

(H/T) Web Daily

People like Assange and Snowden are patriots. They are a true example on how you should love your country. These people risked their lives so that ordinary people will be free from the shackles of corrupted politicians like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

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