BREAKING: Israel Entreats Trump for Help After Obama Ambush, Trump Contacts Egyptian President…This is a GAME-CHANGER!

After he heard that Egypt was prepared to fund a resolution before the U.N. censoring Israel regarding settlements and the Obama administration was prepared to over look this, Trump decided to act. Even though the anti-Israel resolution still passed, the president-elect still managed to demonstrate that he was prepared and capable of standing for Israel in a manner Obama never could.

As The Washington Post reported, even though the resolution was eventually sponsored by other states as well, Trump managed to persuade the Egyptian government to take back their sponsorship.

“On Friday, Egypt said its president had received a call from Trump in which they both agreed to give the incoming U.S. administration a chance to try and resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The call came hours after Egypt indefinitely postponed the U.N. vote,” read The Washington Post’s statement.

A statement from Egypt claimed that when the president-elect spoke with the president, they consented to “the importance of giving a chance for the new American administration to deal in a comprehensive way with the different aspects of the Palestinian issue with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and a final resolution.”

However, President Obama chose not to give the new administration a chance to deal with the Israeli-Palestinian issue, refraining from the vote when the resolution came up and thus enabling it to pass, reports The New York Times.

Egypt is obviously more prepared to work with Trump and Israel then the Obama is. And really, it is not that surprising.

Considering the president-elect’s inclination toward Israel, hope still remains. And if we take into account that the Obama anti-Israel government’s days are numbered, hope not only remains, but it will most likely prevail come January 20.
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